Alli Óttarsson
Investor & Strategic Advisor

The Unknowns of Immersive Technology


Alli Óttarsson was the production driving force behind two iconic games: EVE Online at CCP and League of Legends at Riot Games. In this interview with Jon Leslie, Agile Coach at Broad Cove Insights, he shares stories from his 20 years of game industry experience. He also talks about his current endeavor as a game studio Investor, Strategic Advisor, and Mentor. Watch as Alli and Jon discuss:

• How game industry business models and production practices have changed and where things are heading.

• The organic spread of Favro at Riot Games from marketing teams to game production pods to esports to publishing and everything in between.

• The core nucleus of game development - finding and delivering fun.
How Favro is uniquely suited to game development because its creators come from game development.

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