Matt Ott
Director of Project Management

Challenges of Modern Game Development


Matt Ott shares experiences and offers insights from his decade-plus journey in game development, from Command & Conquer at Electronic Arts to the rise of FarmVille at Zynga to his current role producing blockbuster mobile games for some of the biggest IPs in the entertainment industry. During his conversation with Jon Leslie, Agile Coach at Broad Cove Insights, Matt covers some of the many unique challenges of modern game development including:

• How to manage the multitude of complexities and disciplines necessary to build a creative experience and package it into a successful shippable game.

• How the developer relationship with players has changed over the past 10 years and how to make the most of what is now essentially real-time player feedback.

• How the ideal of small autonomous, cross-functional pods are supported with a single tool that keeps them aligned to the overall game vision despite all having unique workflows and chosen ways of working.

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