Tarrah Milo Wilson
AR & VR Expert

The Unknowns of Immersive Technology


In this interview, Tarrah Milo Wilson speaks with Jon Leslie, Agile Coach at Broad Cove Insights, about her ten plus years in the game industry. She’s held senior roles in both production and product management and is also an AR & VR expert currently working at the vanguard of immersive technology. In this video, she addresses the many challenges she and the teams face, such as:

• How to deal with the uncertainty and the unknowns inherent in groundbreaking AR & VR technology platform development.

• What’s a compelling immersive experience and how prototyping and iteration are key to finding what works and what doesn’t.

• The journey to find the unique process and tool combination to manage a self-contained, multifunction studio pushing the envelope of immersive technology within a much larger organization.

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