Partner autonomy and team alignment when managing dealflow

A single source of truth for running a tighter ship.

Visualize and manage dealflow

Visualize flow of deals and shorten lead times. Enable partner autonomy while creating alignment towards common goals.

"If you want the 50 000 foot view, you got it, the 50 foot view, you got it,
and it’s all the same data set."

Execution excellence for portfolio companies

There is a reason Favro rapidly are becoming popular among venture capital backed startups to unicorns. Favro is simply the most agile all-in-one app ever made for newbies, team leaders, and evolved executives alike.

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Get a more well organised firm fast

Connect all your workflows and run a tight ship. Favro is great for external collaboration with recruiters and portfolio companies, organising events, administration etc. Favro gives you a single source of truth making handovers and onboarding easy.

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