Favro Agile Leadership Webinars


What you'll learn

In this webinar, we'll explore the benefits of a fully remote and distributed organizations. From startups to global enterprises, the world of work has changed, and many have realized that this is a change for the better. We'll also discuss the inherent challenges to remote first organizations based on real-world experiences and how some of the most forward-thinking companies have overcome them. As we enter a new normal, both processes and tools are more critical to business success than ever. With remote work done right, the advantages far outweigh the negatives. We'll show you a proven combination of powerful techniques and tools to ensure your organization continues to thrive.

Speakers & Guest

Jon Leslie
Agile Coach
Broad Cove insights

Helping organizations around the world achieve business agility by fusing process with tools.

Patric Palm

Passionate about hyper-performing teams and business agility.

Kyle Anderson
Operations Manager @ Garage Beer Co.